Happy Year 2012

Christmas is over and we are about to enter into a whole new year.  What’s your plans or resolutions for this the coming year?  Perhaps you’re thinking about getting a new job, or maybe it’s time to change the car.


Whatever you plan to do over this coming year.  One thing still remains very important and that is your relationship with The Divine God.  Sometimes, very hard to maintain relationships, people move away, sometimes we just don’t see people as often, as we like to.  But what’s your excuse for not maintaining your relationship with God.  He is always with us, and never changes.

So the New Year.  Don’t forget all your relationships.

As this is the first posting to the blog I though I would share an event from my ministry in Northern Ireland.

The ring of the telephone woke me with a start, reaching for it, I noted the clock read 1.30am the battle with sleep was still raging as I answered. “Daddy,” my daughter’s voice was panic ridden, and the last bastions of sleep collapsed as my attention focused on her voice. “Daddy I’m in the City Hospital Casualty department with Donna, they say she has a bleed on the brain behind the eye, Daddy, she has lost her sight will you pray for her again.”

I quickly marshalled my thoughts and accessed the information my daughter had given me. At around 10.30 pm Donna had been watching television with the rest of her house mates, when suddenly she became aware of the change in the amount of light she could see. Assuming the room light to be off she arose to switch it on. As she did she realised she couldn’t make out her two friends sitting on the sofa beside her, panic began to build as she bleated, “Girls I can’t see out of my left eye.”
Immediately her friends tried to reassure her, suggesting an eye lash may have fouled the eye so they looked to see if they could see one. Donna’s panic rose as she realised that both eyes were now affected, she began to describe her level of vision. “I can’t see up or to the sides I can only see the floor.”

My daughter phoned home at that point for advice, as the girls hadn’t been able to register with a local doctor in the city my wife told them to contact a friend who lived a few streets away, as he was medically trained he may be able to help.

Harry arrived within minutes of receiving their phone call, and as he quickly accessed the situation he insisted that Donna must go to Casualty.
She objected, her speech had become slurred but she obstinately refused to comply, she started to climb the stairs insisting that sleep was all she needed when she collapsed to the ground. Having already called a taxi, Harry lifted the twenty one year old girl to the waiting car, ten minutes later all four of them were sitting in Casualty.

The lady doctor who examined Donna, explained she would have to stay in that night and a scan would be needed in the morning to access the damage, Donna who was still insisting she was fine wanted to go home. The doctor stressed the importance of staying for the tests to be carried out in the morning, Donna exploded angrily, if they wouldn’t tell her why she had to stay she was going. The doctor stated, “I think you have a small bleed in your brain and that is why your sight is affected and your speech is slurred, if you go home the bleed could worsen and you may die.”

Donna went silent, my daughter who was with her excused herself and phoned us at home. “Daddy, they say she has a bleed on the brain behind the eye, will you pray for her so God won’t let her die.”

As soon as the phone rang off, it rang again, I answered quickly and Harry’s voice resounded within my ear. “It looks as if a small blood vessel has ruptured,” he explained as I pressured him for more information, “This is very serious as you well know.” I did know, my mother in-law had been sitting in a hospital car park about to go home after visiting one of her grandchildren when she also started to complain about a vision problem followed by a resounding headache. I was following with my wife in the car behind when my in-laws car stopped and my sister-in-law baled out to stop us. My mother-in-law had just passed out and was regaining consciousness as I slipped into the drivers seat and drove the few minutes back to the Casualty Department. “I’m fine,” were the words that reassured me as I armed her into the hospital, two nursed helped her unto a trolley and that was to be the last time I spoke with her, she was fifty one years old.

I had an urgently to come before God, a need to confront my Heavenly Father and Creator with this problem. This was not like praying for the arthritis pains that I presented to Him earlier, this was not like the first prayer that I had forwarded on behalf of Donna when we didn’t know the seriousness of the situation, now I was engrossed within the prayer, I was standing before the throne not as servant but as a son begging for the life of a close friend, I would not leave my Heavenly Father until I had received reassurance that she was to be healed of this satanic attack. Three hours later the assurance came in the form of a phone call from my daughter, “Her sight has returned, and she is sleeping peacefully.” The clock read four thirty, I thanked God and slept, until the phone aroused me at six.

Donna’s parents asked if I would take her mother to the hospital as they were unfamiliar with Belfast. Jean arrived at eight fifteen, and as we drove the seventy miles to the city she confided that since the phone call from the hospital, all she could think about was her uncle who had died the previous year. She explained that he had never been sick a day in his life, he complained one day that he must be in need of glasses and his wife thought she heard a slight slur within his voice, he went to his doctor and was told that he had a migraine, one week later he was dead from a massive brain haemorrhage.

When we arrived in the hospital, we quickly located Donna, who had spent the night in a corridor with two other patients, the wards, we were informed by the nurse on duty, were full and as such the overflow remained in the corridors until a bed was secured.

Donna was laying dressed on top of a hospital bed, her eyes were sunk in her head from lack of sleep, her words were slow and deliberate but the slur was still audible within her speech. Jean asked what medication she had been given, Donna stated none. What tests were done, Donna explained that a group of doctor arrived at seven o’clock and stated that as her sight had returned to normal she must had suffered a Severe Neurological Trauma and with rest she would be alright again within a few days, so they discharged her.

Jean was confused, her daughter was still showing signs of confusion and Donna was still complaining about weakness within her legs and a painful stiffness in her neck. She was drifting in and out of sleep and would continue her conversation after a few minutes break. Jean decided that she would need to speak to the doctor before taking Donna home.
Four hours later the doctor still had not returned to the Casualty Department and the nurse on duty stated that really they may not come down until evening. The letter for her G.P. was signed and waiting, Donna should just go home.

My daughter and I sat waiting with Donna while Jean tried for a final time to speak with a doctor about her daughter, Donna turned slowly and asked if I would anoint her in the name of Jesus. As the girls lowered their heads in prayer I placed my hand on the head of Donna, and rebuked the sickness in the name of Jesus. Minutes later when Jean returned, Donna was up and rearing to go. Her voice had returned to its normal state and her energy was restored. Her mother couldn’t understand the change within her daughter and still comments of it to her friends.

God answers prayers, when the chips are down and we are beaten He can charge to the rescue like the proverbial cavalry from the old black and white westerns and believe me when I tell you it is never corny when he does, and it is always welcome.

Donna returned to her work the following Monday and has not experienced any other difficulties with her eyes, the girls returned to their lives in Belfast where all are working full time. Harry is still baffled by the whole event, as a non-believer he is trying to understand it from a natural perspective. When I last spoke to him he confided that he thought Donna may die, having seen those symptoms before he knew it may already have been too late. He confesses to being mystified at Donna’s healing. When asked, Donnna merely states, “I knew that I would be alright, God loves me.”

I guess she’s right, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and her trust in God allowed her to know what we couldn’t see with our natural eyes, God is in charge it’s a lesson I won’t forget again in a hurry.

William Andrews